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 The Old Barn

Fattys has been lovingly changed from an old barn into a wonderful bar and restaurant. Jim and John the original owners of the business took on the barn when it was still used to house animals and turned it into what you find today.

The old Andorran building was built approximately 300 years ago by a group of famers belonging to the village of Soldeu and Canillo. The same families still live in Soldeu to this day. The barn was built to house cows, goats and sheep in the winter months

Inside the building

They have preserved as much as possible of the original features in the barn. In the restaurant you are actually sitting below the original floor level as they had to excavate approximately 1 meter to gain regulation height for public access and open it as a restaurant. 
You can see on some of the walls where the mangers are the original, by the window the ceiling is as original as it was 300 years agate remainder was changed over 150 years ago.
Of course in 1995 when the barn was converted the floor was updates in places and made safe to house the aesthetic bar which is upstairs. 
In the restaurant there is an old dates stone which is the date when the lead piped water was installed into the barn for the reserve which is no longer in used, its just 100 meters up the hill behind the barn.
The bar upstairs is well worth a visit, we are sure that you will appreciate the attention to detail. They have kept as many of the original features as possible and have created a gothic design to add to the interesting features. 
The bar area was originally used for storing hay and other food for the animals below, in the tobacco plant season the wooden beams of the ceiling were used to dry the tobacco. There were gaps along the edge of the floor upstairs so the hay could be dropped down into the mangers below.

Fattys Bistro 
open 7 days 
6.30pm - 11.00pm