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 Fattys has many different days and nights in both the bar and the restaurant. We hope to keep you informed and up to date as much as possible.
'Unknown' dj's

Saturday night parties in Fattys
              The Shambles
                        Only in Fattys!!

On a Tuesday and Thursday après ski you will find a group of enthusiastic ski instructors who have a love for music. If you have never experienced the shambles then i suggest that you join us, it will probably be the most amusing après ski that you will find in Europe.
They tend to start about 5.00pm and finish, well, when they can't sing anymore. 
Ian Taylor live in Fattys Bar, Apres ski Fridays and Wednesdays with the full band 'Missing Didget' Monday and Friday nights.

                      Big screen sports everyday!!!
                         This week in Fattys

Opening on the 6th December 2018
   Live Music

Not yet set for the season, we do have live music most après ski.
          Alto Fun

Back for a seventh year, 
Thursday night is party night with the alto fun guys and their DJs.
Keep an eye on our chalk boards and Facebook pages whilst in resort to see whats happening.